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Get more active this April!


IndividualChallenge yourself this April and take advantage of the great package of Local Offers and Prizes. Once you Register, you can create teams via the activity tracker, get family, friends and workmates involved and track each other’s progress!

Join the fun!


StudentBut wait, how old are you? If you’re under 12, ask a parent or guardian to help you sign up. If you’re over 12 you can Register and start joining teams today in the activity tracker. Plus, there are lots of great prizes you can win!

Create teams for your school!


TeacherFirstly, Register yourself and then get busy creating teams in the activity tracker so individual classes and/or your whole school can join the fun! Check out the resources and great prizes in the Schools page.


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Sign up your family!


ParentEach and every individual that registers for Active April gets a package of Local Offers just for signing up, plus the chance to win some great prizes! Once you Register, you can create a team via the activity tracker and get the family involved.

The whole family can enjoy Active April. Find events in your local area and start getting active today.

Get your workplace moving!

WorkplaceRegister yourself today then start a team with friends from work via the Activity Tracker. See how many hours of activity you can clock up together during April.

There are heaps of great prizes just for workplace teams. It’s your chance to get more active at work and win!


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