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10 tips to plan your exercise

Physical activity won’t just happen. Most worthwhile activities require planning. Starting and maintaining a physical activity program does too.

Here are some tips to getting ready to exercise

1. Make physical activity a priority.

You know the health benefits of physical activity. If you want to feel good, increase your energy levels, sleep better and feel happy and relaxed, make the commitment to include regular physical activity in your life. It could be through a planned exercise program, or simply by walking part of the way to a destination or around the block at lunchtime.

2. Set yourself goals.

Set regular, realistic and measurable goals. Change habits in stages and gradually increase your level of activity.

3. Draw up an activity plan and use it.

Keep a diary of your activities. This could be a weekly plan that sets out the specific activities you are going to do each day and for how long. Include your goal for that week and build in rewards.


4. Make some allowances.

Make allowances for some missed sessions and setbacks – they are inevitable. If you allow for and accept them, modifications can be made to your plan without major disruptions.

5. Make the time.

You don’t have to find hours each day to exercise. With just 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity – that increases your heart rate and breathing – each day, you’ll enjoy the benefits. It can even be broken into 10-minute chunks.

6. Turn everyday things into active time.

Make your everyday tasks more active. Take the stairs. Work up a sweat doing the housework or gardening. Make time with the kids active time – play in the park or backyard.

7. Reject excuses.

Most people can come up with plenty of reasons not to be active – too busy or too tired, not having the ability, the money or the support. Most of these barriers can be overcome. Don’t let them get in the way of a happier, healthier you.

8. Think about the benefits.

There are lots of good reasons to be active. You will burn up kilojoules, improve your health, reduce stress and make new friends.

9. Review your plans and goals.

You may find that you can gradually increase some activities, while others are just too hard. You could consider more convenient times to exercise or find some new activities.

10. Track your progress.

It can be a great motivator. Reaching each goal will give you the confidence to strive for the next one.


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