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4 ways to reach your goals this April

Whether you’re at work, home or participating in Premier’s Active April, success is usually something that goes hand-in-hand with effective goal setting.

Goals are things that can be short term or long-term achievements. Short-term goals can typically be ticked off today, tomorrow or next week, such as a walk in the morning, meeting a friend for a swim, or registering for Active April and using your free YMCA pass at your local gym. Long-term goals are generally more time-consuming and can be achieved next month, next year, or even further into the future.

It’s great to have a mix of both short and long term goals. What will you aim for with Active April this year? And will Active April get you closer to a goal later in the year?

Gearing up for success

You’ve heard the phrase before – preparation is the key to success. You’ll be happy to know that in the case of Premier’s Active April, these words ring true! And once you’ve registered, it’s time to set yourself up for success. To help you out, we’ve put together four tips to help ensure your 30 days of Active April are great.

1) Write it down

Before starting anything, it’s often a good idea to understand what you want to accomplish. Grab a pen and paper and write down why taking part in Active April is important to you and what you want to achieve. While you’re at it, make a list of what you would like to achieve today, next week, next month and next year. Review these goals regularly. Make sure they are manageable, realistic and reasonable. Then pop the list somewhere you can regularly see it so when things get a little tough, you can always go back to your list for a shot of motivation. 

2) Get others involved

If you want some help committing, ask your friends and family to do Active April too. Physical activity can be more fun together, so why not start a team? Working together will also help you stay motivated and on track.

You can login to register other people within your Active April account – remember every individual receives an Active April card, so you can enjoy the benefits together! Alternatively, visit the Promoting Active April page to download resources and encourage others to join the fun.

3) Make your goals work for you

If you hate getting up super early, don’t plan to do your 30 minutes of physical activity at 6am. Think about what realistically works for you. Remember, you can always accumulate your 30 minutes throughout the day by combining a few shorter sessions of activity of around 10 to 15 minutes each.

Consider looking around for opportunities that will help you achieve your goals. Visit our Events section to find ways you can get active, right across Victoria. If you enjoy running, why not register for The Age RUN Melbourne on 26 July? This event allows you to fundraise for great charities at the same time, including YMCA Victoria. Why the YMCA? It’s because they help everyone in the Victorian community be healthier and happier.

4) Consistency is key

In the first couple of days, try not to go overboard and exhaust yourself. Try and be as consistent as possible and take each day as it comes. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. If you don’t meet one of your goals don’t worry, just start again fresh in the morning.

Get out there!

What are you waiting for? Write down some goals now and put them into action. Good luck!


Last updated: November 29, 2016 at: 5:21 pm

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