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Premiers Active April

A breath of fresh air!

Did you know that research shows spending time in nature is good for your health and wellbeing? Do yourself a favour and get outdoors for a guided walk.

To celebrate Premier’s Active April and help Victorians get outdoors and active, park rangers and volunteers will lead a series of guided walks in parks across Victoria.

For more information about the walks go to the Premier’s Active April website, or to register for a walk go to

Hannah Auld is a Ranger at Grampians National Park and she has some top tips on how to get active in the great outdoors during Active April…

What are your favourite ways to keep active in the outdoors?

Cycling and hiking would have to be my two favourite ways of getting outdoors and being active. There are more than 60 walks within Grampians National Park so there are enough to keep me busy

What are your top three tips that participants should know before going hiking?

Three top tips would include:

  • One: Be prepared! Check the weather before you head out, download the Vic emergency app so you are notified of emergencies (fires, floods etc). Downloading a map to your phone or carrying a hard copy is always recommended in case you don’t know the area and there is limited reception. Pack enough water and food for the day so you keep your energy up and make it to the top!
  • Two: Know the track grade (difficulty) before you go. You might do a 3km walk easily around town, however a 3km hike in a National Park is a different difficulty and you could become exhausted in different conditions.
  • Three: Let someone know where you are going and when you will be back if you are out alone. You won’t always get mobile reception so it is recommended to let others know your whereabouts.

What is your pick of Parks Victoria parks in Victoria and why?

I’m going to sound biased here but Grampians National Park would have to be my number one pick. Being such a large National Park there is an abundance of activities for anyone to do. The landscape is ancient, diverse and unique. Aboriginal rock art, floristic diversity and threatened species all call Grampians National Park home and so do I. Therefore, I’m very lucky to work with other passionate environmentalists who work hard to protect this area for future visitors to experience.


Why should Active April participants go along to a ranger-guided walk in April?

Active April walks are with passionate Rangers who have local knowledge and would be happy to share it along the way. You can chat about the local flora and fauna in the area and learn about the park while getting out and being active!

What should Active April participants know before going along to a guided walk?

Register for the event on Eventbrite and bring all the necessary items for a walk – water bottle, hat, sunscreen and any other items you might need.

What do you love about being a Parks Victoria ranger?

The best thing about being a Ranger is that I have the opportunity to work outside every day. My job is very diverse so there is never a dull moment when out about in the park either installing signs, hiking tracks, engaging with visitors or managing volunteers we are always busy outside.

Do you have a recreation/sports role model? Who are they and what makes them good leaders?

My sporting role model would have to be my Aunty Liz who introduced me to field hockey a few years ago. I played on her team when I first started and she is very encouraging, inclusive and supportive to all team members (even when I had no idea what I was doing) which are great qualities to have in leaders. Liz is very inspiring because she encourages being active through walking, cycling, hockey, kayaking – anything that keeps us moving.

Once Active April finishes, what is the best way to find out what’s happening in Parks Victoria parks and what sort of activities are available?

The Parks Victoria website has information about each park and events. Keep up to date by checking!

Spending time in nature is good for our mind, body and soul. It has positive effects on our ability to concentrate, learn, solve problems and be creative. It boosts our immune system and helps us relax.

At a time when people are spending more time indoors with devices, and many are facing health issues through lack of exercise, there’s no better time to make the most of all the healthy benefits that parks and nature provide.

Parks Victoria Healthy Communities Coordinator, Anthea Dee, urges everybody to get out there during April and beyond to soak up some nature.

“You don’t need to be super fit and active in parks to get the benefits of being in nature. Even a gentle walk has many health benefits,” said Anthea.

For more information about visiting parks go to or call 13 1963.

Parks Victoria presents The Very Big Bushwalk

Thursday 18 April from 10.00-11.00 am

Ever wanted to try a family bushwalk but don’t know where to go? Keen to meet new people and explore local parks together? Feel like you lack the experience, know-how or fitness to complete a walk? Want to find out about all abilities accessible walks?

Why not join a Parks Victoria Ranger for an easy, short bushwalk that’s suitable for the whole family!

To celebrate Premiers Active April, Parks Victoria will host the Very Big Bushwalk – a range of short bushwalks to be held simultaneously at numerous locations around the state.

Locations will be finalised by the end of March so check the Premier’s Active April website for a location near you and to book go to

Be sure to wear sensible clothing and sturdy shoes and bring a water bottle, sunscreen and snack.

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