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An Early Learning Centre in Capel Sounds uses Premier’s Active April to spread the message that exercising with friends is fun.

Capel Sounds on the Mornington Peninsula is home to the Capel Sounds Educational Childcare Centre. It serves a community of 190 families who are once again excited to get huffing and puffing this April. 

Led and promoted by Centre staff, all of the families and community members associated with the centre are encouraged to join the team and realise the benefits of regular exercise. Capel Sounds Manager, Brent Fitzgerald, credits organised initiatives such as Premier’s Active April for helping to rally communities and says the team is committed to making the Centre’s participation even bigger and better in 2020. 

“Premier’s Active April is a great way to spread the message of how exercising with your friends can be fun. The positive and supportive atmosphere is really encouraging and as a result my physical activity levels were at an all-time high,” says Mr Fitzgerald.

The Capel Sounds community also believe that the fun and free opportunities provided by Premier’s Active April reflect the Centre’s values and that the benefits of participation extend far beyond physical. 

With inclusivity and accessibility at its core, Premier’s Active April has proven as a wonderful platform for community-focused groups such as Capel Sounds to engage with and connect members. When reflecting on the benefits of Premier’s Active April, Mr Fitzgerald highlighted that having a clear goal of 30 minutes for 30 days meant that people of all physical abilities could get involved in a way that felt comfortable to them. 

In 2019, Capel Sounds took part in activities that were about creating a sense of fun around exercise and suggests that others consider a mixture of team sport, games and individual physical challenges. This could include a game of beach volleyball, a treasure hunt or walk to school days. “Everyone came out feeling so much more than the physical benefits,” says Mr Fitzgerald. Improved mental wellbeing, and strengthened relationships are a huge factor in why they’re geared up for another year. 

If you’d like to find out more about Premier’s Active April, and how you can register as an Early Learning Centre (ELC) team, head to the website.

There are $350 Rebel Sport vouchers to be won, simply by registering. Plus, the four most active ELC teams within any region will win a tennis pack that includes a tennis net, four rackets and a dozen balls. 

Last updated: March 10, 2020 at: 11:31 am

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