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Active April is a great time to bring families together on the run. Just ask Aisha Baker, who followed in her daughter’s footsteps and took up Parkrun, even her 67-year-old dad got involved…

What are the benefits for your girls and your family from participating in physical activities like Parkrun?

Parkrun has been brilliant for my family because it initially got my Dad who is 67 back into running again.

Dad used to run with me when l was in primary school and when we started going to Parkrun my Dad said he’d come along and run with the girls because they were all under 11 when we first started going. Since then Imogen has gotten much faster and leaves Dad behind.

My daughters have met a whole range of different people that are all different ages and have learnt new things from them. Scarlett has gotten much more confident with public speaking after being the run director at Kids Run Parkrun multiple times.

What are the personal benefits that you find from participating in Parkrun?

Since joining Parkrun I’ve become more confident in my running and in myself,  I feel that I’ve become more run smart and I have learnt a lot about running from much more experienced runners.

I’ve met a whole new group of people that all enjoy getting out and keeping fit as well as meeting some really good friends that I now see regularly for social runs.

I’ve definitely become much fitter than l was before l started Parkrun. I met my coach that l now train with several times a week and he has helped me train for many different races over different distances including marathons and trail races and he usually includes Parkrun as part of my training program.

Can you give other parents three pieces of advice/tips on how to be more active from your own experience?

From my experience the three best pieces of advice l have are:

  • Involve your family and kids as much as possible to make it fun to be active. Initiatives like Active April and Parkrun are great because they can be so inclusive.
  • Small bits count, use whatever time you can find. Do some laps/intervals/body weight exercises by the playground whilst your kids play. Walk to the shops rather than drive or park your car a little further away from school/shops/work. Try to set aside time each day for some form of exercise! It can be a juggle but l know that I’m a happier, better person if l get some form of exercise done each day even if it’s just taking our dog for a walk.
  • To keep myself a bit more motivated so that I continue exercising/running, especially after Active April. During winter when the weather is colder I enter fun runs/ races so l have an event or distance to train for.

Parkrun is a series of 5km runs held on Saturday morning in areas of open space around Victoria. They are open to all, free and are safe and easy to take part in. If you are inspired by Aisha and want to join the fun at your local Parkrun group to keep your Active April going, please visit the Parkrun website.

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