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AFL star Jack Ziebell gives Active April a free kick!

IMG_2026_500wideNorth Melbourne AFL star Jack Ziebel is taking a bounce and getting right behind Active April.

An inspiration to budding young recruits, Jack is happy to share his knowledge about the body, health and fitness with others to promote the benefits and importance of an active, healthy lifestyle.

Acknowledging that sometimes it can be hard staying motivated, Jack sees Premier’s Active April as a great way to establish consistent healthy habits that keep you energised, balanced and firing throughout the day.

‘When you see results in your active lifestyle – that helps motivate you.’

Away from footy, Jack likes to stay on the move – he’s particularly fond of the odd game of golf. There’s at least 7-8 kilometres of walking involved with the standard 18 hole course, so golf is a great low-intensity activity. And if you’re prone to the odd hook or slice, think of it like this: you’re walking further and getting even more exercise!

Jack’s passion for raising awareness of good health in the community is typical of a guy who puts an active lifestyle first.

‘Being active is fun first and foremost – you’ll have a good time doing it. It’s also very good for you.’

Recent statistics show that around 80 per cent of children don’t exercise enough, and 60 per cent of Australian adults don’t quite reach the recommended levels of physical activity.

One of the easiest ways Jack thinks we can start on the path to being more active is by making small changes to our daily routine – like taking walks after dinner instead of unwinding in front of the computer or TV. Modelling healthy active habits for children from a young age is integral to building long-term healthy lifestyle patterns.

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