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Alpine on an incline for Active April

In north-east Victoria, Alpine Health – a health service with three locations across the Alpine Shire – is gearing up for another Premier’s Active April.

For this community, Active April represents an opportunity to get everyone involved in physical activity regardless of age, ability or background. Health Promotion Officer, Maureen Ryland, is guided by the phrase, ‘we’re all in this together’, and the team make accessibility and inclusivity a focus. It’s how they’ve created a supportive and inviting environment that people want to be a part of – Premier’s Active April has become a highlight in the year’s calendar. “Premier’s Active April has the potential to not only benefit the health and wellbeing of staff but also provides an opportunity to get together and have some fun,” Ms Ryland says.

Alpine Health encourages staff to increase their physical activity levels through its calendar of activities. Part of their commitment to being inclusive is making activities either free or low-cost to encourage people to give something a go that they might not otherwise. So far, there’s been group fitness classes, Pilates, mountain bike races, guided walks of local attractions (such as the local mosaic trail), and more.

Alpine Health and the wider shire community also have a ‘local legends’ segment on community radio. Across April the segment features people sharing their stories about how they get active and stay motivated. ‘Local legends’ creates a buzz around the whole shire – at atmosphere of enthusiasm that only gets livelier each year.

For Alpine Health, Premier’s Active April is more than a month-long campaign. On an individual level it’s helping to kick-start healthy habits, but it’s also having an impact collectively. Rising to Premier’s Active April’s challenges as a team means that staff relationships are stronger and happier, and people have that sense of belonging.

If you’re interested in getting your workplace involved with Active April then there’s heaps of information on the website about how to register or head to the teams page.

Even if you don’t live in the Alpine Shire, there’s still an incredible number of free activities and offers happening across the state when you register to take part. Go to the special offers page.

Last updated: March 10, 2020 at: 11:11 am

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