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Bianca walks the talk this Active April and beyond

There’s no stopping Bianca, a dedicated mum with two girls and one on the way from tapping into the power of walking. Here’s her Active April story….

Can you tell me about your walking group? 

Our walking group started in March 2018, just in time for Active April!

I wanted to get active and move my body doing something I enjoyed, I just didn’t want to do it alone! I feel as though if I am accountable to a date, time and someone I am more likely to attend! So hence the Power Women Walk + Talk began.

We walk just over 4kms every Tuesday from 10:15 am and typically gather at the Boathouse Playground at the end to chat, refuel and allow the kids to play!

What are the benefits of the walking group for you and the other members?

Connection amongst like-minded women. We’re mostly mothers and share common interests, hence friendships have developed, and it’s become more social than anything! PLUS we’re moving and giving our bodies the exercise it needs! So it’s a win-win!

You recruit other people whilst out and about – how fantastic! Can you tell me more about how you find new members and how many people you’ve recruited?

For mums or women, in general, it’s easy to spark conversation! Women see our group gathering and if they look curious, it just takes a simple connection and invitation for them to join us the following week, that makes them feel included. Plus, our regulars are happy to bring new women along also!

Do you find it hard to be active whilst juggling everything else in life? How do you manage it all?

Exercise is a part of my healthily active lifestyle philosophy! If you can lock in a regular class or walking date, for example, I find it easier to execute, as well as choosing an activity that you actually enjoy vs not enjoy, and therefore may be less likely to attend as often.


Can you give other parents three pieces of advice/tips on how to be more active from your own experience?

  • Choose an activity you LOVE!
  • Have an accountability buddy/group!
  • Set aside the physical time in and around your commitments in your diary (initiatives like Active April can help with this), so there is no excuse as to why you can’t be there!

Keep your Active April going by finding your local Heart Foundation Walking Group by visiting the website.

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