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Connecting those with disabilities

It’s not easy for those with disabilities to always feel comfortable with activity. But the importance of regular physical exercise in shaping happier, healthier lifestyles is why Active April seeks to connect with and support all Victorians with active pursuits, regardless of ability.


Introducing Access for All Abilities Play

Access for All Abilities Play (AAA Play) is a service designed to connect people with any disability to a variety of sports. Whether it’s basketball or swimming, fencing or cricket, whether you’re at beginner level or you’re an aspiring Paralympian – AAA Play can help people of any ability join and share in sports and recreation.

Daniel Cassidy-Fitzpatrick shares his story

Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Daniel Cassidy-Fitzpatrick knows what it’s like to feel disadvantaged in playing sport. Growing up with a strong sporting background, he refused to let his autism get in the way of what he wanted to do, even during the toughest times.

‘I became overwhelmed at times and would freak out or just lose my temper, and at a younger age used to storm out on games when things were not explained to me. I would also become upset when I was never taken seriously or always insulted and told I would never improve or no one would take me seriously’

But Daniel benefitted from staying active, finding that sports involvement helped him a lot when it came to connecting with those around him.

‘Sports helped me work on my social skills, and my interaction with other people.’

Now Daniel is part of a team in a range of sports, and wants to help others reach their goals. He’s the perfect ambassador for AAA Play!

How to find an AAA Play activity


Active April is the ideal time to start getting involved, so if you have a disability, or know someone with one, check out the AAA Play website and use the interactive map via the ‘Find an Activity’ tab to find out what sport and recreation activities are available near you. If you prefer to speak to someone, call 1800 222 842 and AAA Play can let you know what is available.

If you want to share your stories with AAA Play, you can do that too! Simply contact our email to submit stories, photos, blogs, activities you are aware of, people you want to praise or anything else relevant to sport and recreation. You can also read up about our ambassadors – people who have overcome disabilities in the way of achieving greatness in the sporting arena, or browse through and connect with the many AAA Play partners that are striving to bring sport and recreation opportunities to you.

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