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Five ideas for getting active at a family camp

More than ever, we yearn for a simpler and less complicated life with our families.

We know it’s important to stop and smell the roses. We know that kids grow up incredibly fast. But still we often lose sight of what matters to us most and get caught up in our busy lives. Premier’s Active April is the moment to hit the pause button and try and go back to the basics like family time in the outdoors.

Getting active in the outdoors and taking time out in nature is one easy way to live healthier lives. Visiting a camp is a great option bringing together beautiful scenery and endless opportunities for physical activity, plus the opportunity to share new experiences together as a family.

If you want to win a family trip away to the YMCA Anglesea Recreation Camp for you and your family, head over to the Active April Facebook and Instagram for more details OR check out the Family Plus Challenge #2.

Below are five ideas on how you can get active at a camp as a family.

1. Canoeing

Take to the open waters of a lake or river and explore the joy of just “going with the flow.”

2. High or low rope course

All ages will find something that excites and challenges them on a ropes course which involves coordination, teamwork and plenty of fun.

3. Archery

Test your marksmanship, concentration and arm strength with your family in a challenge of who’s the best Robin Hood of all?

4. Bushwalking

Breathe in the fresh air and take in the great outdoors while also keeping an eye out for creatures great and small.

5. Outdoor games

Going back to basics by playing frisbee, cricket or football are incredibly popular at camps. With so much extra space it’s the perfect place to get active and spend time together as a family.

You can discover family friendly camps all across Victoria! YMCA runs camps from the sandy beaches of Phillip Island to the mountain-peaks near Falls Creek and other relaxing locations.

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