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Premier’s Active April has kicked off and our all-new Get Active Workout Videos are now live! Exclusively available to Active April participants – it’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket.

To access the Get Active Workout Videos all you need to do is register with Active April, if you haven’t already, and then log into your account via the web or mobile app. You’ll meet our three brilliant trainers – Kelly, Liz and Jean, as they take you through the workouts. Here’s a quick introduction to your new personal trainers!

Meet the Trainers: Kelly, Lee and Jean

Introducing: Kelly Hetherington

Kelly is a Sport and Exercise Scientist, as well as a Sports Coach specialising in running.

Her top tip to help stay active is: “Find a training partner/friend with similar fitness goals. This will help keep you motivated and accountable for your fitness journey on days where your motivation is lacking.”


Introducing: Lee Ajzenman

Lee is a physiotherapist and Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation, Certified instructor. She is also the founder of a Pilates studio and has a passion for women’s health.

When not at Core, Lee is working on her own Pilates, off for a run, doing yoga or spending time with her family.


Introducing: Jean Hastie

Jean is a qualified Yoga Instructor, having gained a Certificate in Yoga Teaching around a decade ago. She is also the co-owner of a successful Melbourne yoga studio. Jean believes that Yoga taught her to truly be kind to herself and for that she is forever grateful.

Jean’s mantra is that Yoga is truly freeing for the mind and body.



Watch the video below to get to know our amazing trainers!


We have a fantastic range of workouts available – in fact, there is one for every day of the month of April! We have workouts that focus on your arms, legs, and core, as well as yoga and Pilates. There’s something for everyone regardless of age or fitness level. These easy to follow workouts are the perfect way to stay motivated this April. With three highly experienced trainers guiding you through each workout, getting in your 30 minutes of physical activity has never been easier!

If you haven’t already checked out our full Get Active Workout videos, here’s a sneak peek of what’s ready to go! Click here for a preview of our all-new Get Active Workout Videos!


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