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With just four days left until Premier’s Active April begins – we want to share with you all the amazing Special Offers and Prizes we have up for grabs, to help make this your most active April yet!


But first, did you know that this year Premier’s Active April will be introducing the all-new Get Active Workout Videos? They’re exclusive for Active April registered participants and ready to go on 1 April!

These quick and easy workouts can be done from the comfort of your own home or on the go with your phone! Just remember – the videos are exclusive to Active April participants, so make sure you register a workout friend today to enjoy them with.

Would you like to take a glimpse? Click here for a sneak peek of the Get Active Workout Videos!

Special Offers and Incentives

School Holidays are just around the corner and we have plenty of fabulous offers to keep everyone entertained!


Even just five minutes of exercise in a green space can improve your mood and self-esteem. Croquet is played on a flat grass lawn the size of two tennis courts and is a great option for many people who do not currently engage in mainstream sports or activities.

Playing croquet is an excellent way to meet new people. Croquet clubs often mix people up with different partners when doubles are played – you can come by yourself or you’re welcome to bring a friend.

Croquet Victoria has an exclusive Active April offer of three double passes per club for croquet coaching sessions throughout Victoria. Available on a first come, first served basis at each club and limited to one free double pass per person. Both novices and players are welcome to apply. For participating clubs please visit the Croquet Victoria website or view the Terms and Conditions for more information.

Why Play Croquet?

Croquet can be played by people of all ages, physical fitness and ability.
It’s fun. It’s a challenge.

  • Easy on the body. Played with a mallet, usually in an upright position, with no twisting.
  • A mind and body game. It’s an enjoyable way to achieve your target level of activity.
  • Year-round all-weather sport.
  • Low cost. Clubs usually provide all equipment for beginners.
  • Unisex sport. Men and women play as equals, socially and competitively.
  • An international community. Visiting players are welcome wherever croquet or gateball are played.


Nordic Walking uses specially designed poles to create a low-stress total body workout which delivers profoundly greater benefits than regular walking. It is a weight-bearing activity that gives fantastic aerobic fitness, body conditioning and weight loss benefits without the pain and strain to the lower body.

‘It’s not just easier to walk with poles but you’ll also feel that you work your whole body by using the poles,’ says Lorraine, a Nordic Walking enthusiast herself. ‘People might look at me funny when I walk down the streets with my poles; I don’t care because I just feel so much safer and better for it. Nordic Walking has become part of my daily routine – it’s an all in one activity’.

Nordic Walking originated as a form of summer training for competitive cross country skiers in Scandinavia, however, the evolved form is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.

This year the Nordic Academy will be offering all registered Premier’s Active April individuals 20% off the normal retail price of the ONE WAY range of Nordic Walking poles, as well as one free group Nordic Walking introductory session. Come and Try sessions and more information can also be found at the Nordic Academy website.

Whether Nordic Walking is done to exercise or just as an excuse to get to the Alps, it’s an enjoyable, social and overall very healthy activity to get into.

*Terms and Conditions apply to all offers and prizes.


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