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Now you have your workmates attention, do you want to know an easy way to keep your Active April efforts going?

The Achievement Program provides workplaces with the opportunity to be leaders in enabling better health and have their achievements recognised by the Victorian Government. Members of the program are encouraged to meet a set of best-practice standards which were developed with experts to improve the health of the workforce. One key area of the program is physical activity, and by taking part in Active April you are already on your way to achieving the best-practice standards.

This is how other workplaces are incorporating Active April into their wellbeing strategy.

Active April News Achievement ProgramHow workplaces can reduce sitting time

Standing desks are trending in more Victorian workplaces as a way to get us moving. But does this mean we should all be ditching the office chair in favour of standing?

What’s wrong with sitting?

The average Australian spends a third of their day at work, and for many office workers this is time spent glued to a chair. People who sit for more than eight hours in a day have a higher risk of developing heart disease, type-2 diabetes and cancer.

In what ways can standing desks help?

It’s recommended that we don’t sit for more than 20 or 30 minutes at a time without having a standing break. Standing desks, or sit-stand working stations, are one of the techniques that workplaces may use to help. They have been proven to reduce daily sitting time, without impacting on productivity.

How should we be using standing desks?

They should be used together with a range of strategies to reduce sitting time and increase movement throughout the day. It’s good to change your posture regularly. So, sit for a while, then stand, then sit, then take a short walking break.

Active April News Achievement ProgramWhat are the other ways that people can move more?

There are a number of ways to work some extra physical activity into your working day: take the stairs instead of the lift; schedule in a lunch-time walk a few times a week; get off the bus or park your car a few blocks further than usual to increase your daily step count; and try a walking meeting if there’s only a small group.

How can workplaces create a culture of movement?

Creating a culture of movement requires more than just standing desks. Your commitment to get people moving should be included in your organisation’s policies and be promoted and role-modelled by leaders and managers.

What resources are available to help?

Join the Achievement Program and create healthy environments for learning, working and living via the Achievement Program website. Plus, you can access the Achievement Program workplace physical activity toolkit for more tips like these!


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