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Premiers Active April

Keep up the momentum with the Achievement Program!

How do you feel after participating in Active April? Amazing? Why not keep the momentum going and include 30 minutes of daily physical activity into your whole year with our workplace or schools programs!

The Achievement Program is a perfect way to ensure physical activity is embedded into the places you spend most of your time, including school, work or in your community. It provides guidance for early childhood services, schools and workplaces to create environments and cultures that support healthy behaviours.

Using our best-practice benchmarks and resources, your service, school or workplace can achieve Victorian Government recognition in a range of health areas, including physical activity.

You may already know that good things start happening when you get active. Studies have shown that at work, active employees feel more energetic, more focused, more productive, and for school kids, there are health benefits associated with daily physical activity.

At the Achievement Program we know that good physical health is about more than just physical activity. This is why we offer a range of benchmarks and resources for a variety of health areas, from mental health and wellbeing to healthy eating.

Start the conversation about health and wellbeing in your service, school or workplace today, and register with the Achievement Program via the website.

Tips to get health and wellbeing on the agenda in your service, school or workplace:

1.     Start the conversation about health and wellbeing today. Speak to leaders in your service, school or workplace to gain their support for creating a healthier environment and culture, and register now with the Achievement Program for info, tips and resources to get health on the agenda.

2.     Bring together a group of motivated people from across your organisation. Healthy places are most effective when everyone is committed to the same health journey and values. Forming a team or committee will help to advocate for healthy changes and raise awareness of the importance of healthy environments.

3.     Conduct an audit of your current situation with your team. Do you already have policies that support health and wellbeing? Do you already have prompts in your current environment that encourage you to be active? Understanding your current successes and areas for improvement is a great place to start.

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