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Manee is ramping it up this Active April

Manee Ajaz from Doreen is one of the thousands of Victorians getting on board Active April. She’s ramping up her daily physical activity through skateboarding.

We asked her how it’s made a difference….

I love skateboarding. My brother inspired me to start skateboarding.

I skateboard because it’s fun and challenging, there are a lot of tricks that you can do.

There’s ollies, kickflips and milkshakes, but those are only some of them, there are many more. At first, I would go to the skate park and only see boys there. Then two of my other friends saw me skating and joined in.

Finally, I’m not the only girl at the skate park.

I think not many girls skate because they are scared of being teased because some people think that skateboarding is only for boys but that’s definitely not true. If you want to do something don’t be afraid to do it, go for it don’t let all of the negativity get to you. You are free to play whatever sport you want.

I saved up for four months to buy a skateboard. When I got my skateboard I was so excited I wanted to ride it straight away. When we got back home me and my brother went on the road and jumped on our skateboard (not literally). It was so fun!

Every day after that I practised. I fell a few times but got back up. I got really hurt once that I couldn’t skate. After some time I was allowed to go back to do what I really loved to do, I still had a few bruises but that didn’t stop me from doing the thing that I loved.


If you’re looking to have a “wheelie good time” just like Manee, just go to and get on board a range of physical activities through Active April.

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