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Monkey around at Werribee Open Range Zoo

Swing into Werribee Open Range Zoo this April for some family fun in the outdoors!

Kids can watch the Zoo’s troop of Vervet Monkeys, test their climbing skills on the rope course and get up to all sorts of monkey mischief throughout the Zoo’s many outdoor play spaces.

Werribee Open Range Zoo_VervetMonkeys

Forage with the Monkeys

Werribee Open Range Zoo image 2Vervet Monkeys are found throughout Southern Africa. In the wild they would spend a large part of their day foraging and maintaining watch for possible predators such as leopards and baboons.

In the environment of the Zoo, it’s important to encourage this natural foraging behaviour. Ensuring the troop are active and stimulated is also very important for their strong social hierarchy.

Each day Keepers cut up veggies and leafy greens and scatter these throughout the exhibit, under logs and up in trees to encourage the troop to forage and explore. Learn more about the Vervet Monkeys and see pictures of our troop!

Hanging out

Werribee Open Range Zoo image 1With parallel rope play at the Vervet Monkeys, and lots of logs and rocks to climb and balance on, there’s plenty to do with your little ones at the Zoo.

The Pula Trail is a fantastic 1km circuit, with dig pits, play areas and rest spots on the way, while the Wirribi River Trail is perfect for those looking to stretch their legs on a beautiful nature walk.

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