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On A Roll With Active April

Now into her second Active April, mum of two Renee shares her fitness and well-being experiences, and how she finds that all-important motivation.

Why did you first get involved with Premier’s Active April?

I got involved as a little challenge to keep me active every day. YMCA offered a free 10-visit pass which was a lovely incentive to get out amongst the community. The app was a wonderful tool to see how much I was getting in and what else the community offered to make it more fun.

What have you loved most about going to the gym in between your two Active Aprils?

Seeing great results and meeting some wonderful people who I’ve built friendships not only inside but outside the gym as well.

What quote do you train by?

Ahhh there’re so many wonderful inspiration quotes out there but one I like to preach is:
“When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.”

What is your favourite training smoothie?

Cookies and cream protein, oats, frozen banana, almond spread with almond milk would have to be my favourite.

What is your favourite post work out meal?

I love to have a protein shake and a bowl of oats or chicken rice and broccoli.

How do you sneak in extra activity in your day?

Simple things like mowing the lawns, taking the kids for a walk to a park or tackling the 1000 steps or Lysterfield with like-minded friends.

As a mum, do you find it challenging to balance being a mum and being active?

Some days are easier than others, but including the kids in your home workouts or walks helps. Workout at the park as they play, or utilising a gym creche gives you your “me time” and your little ones are interacting and learning with wonderful leaders and other kids in a cost effective way.

What are your favourite ways for your kids to be active?

I like taking them to local parks or my local YMCA swimming pool.

Do you have any fitness goals for 2018?

To build more lean muscle, run my first half marathon and just stay healthy, happy and consistent.

Busy, busy! Too tired! What are your tips for other mums to keep their bodies moving every day?

Just get it done! It’s hard to find the motivation at the start but eventually it just happens because you know how good you feel afterwards. I started by setting my alarm before the kids would wake and doing a home workout or popping them in the pram first thing with some healthy snacks. The results you see are not just physical, but mentally as well, which makes it much more enjoyable and easier to stay active every day.

Why should other mums register for Premier’s Active April?

Signing up for Premier’s Active April is a perfect way to challenge yourself every day. You make the time whether you feel like it or not because you know you have to input your activity into the app. Premier’s Active April provides activities and fun ways within your local community to get active and try new things. It’s a perfect way to kick-start your goals and getting the family on board.

I am absolutely loving it! I have met some amazing people and seen great results.

Last updated: April 16, 2018 at: 9:46 am

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