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Scientific research shows that too much time spent sitting is not good for our health or concentration.


The health risks associated with long periods of sitting are serious, and include heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some forms of cancer. Even regular exercise doesn’t offset the negative effects of prolonged sitting.

On average, adults sit for about nine hours each day, and much of this time is continuous sitting with little movement. This lack of movement affects the way our bodies convert food into energy, leading to unhealthy levels of blood glucose, insulin and blood fat.

The good news is that the simple act of moving away from our chair every thirty minutes can reduce these health risks, give us an energy boost and increase our focus.

Time to take control, step up, and become a chair boss

Spending less time stuck in the saddle is easy and good for your body.

The free Rise & Recharge app, developed by Baker IDI, has been designed to break up your day, helping you boost your energy and spend less time stuck in the saddle.

For more information about how you can become the boss of your chair, visit

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