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Staying active on a budget

Getting active doesn’t need to be expensive. We’ve come up with lots of ways your can achieve your 30 minutes of physical activity without blowing the budget. Right across the state, you’ll find an absolute goldmine of low-cost Active April friendly activities.

Be a tourist for the day

Pram walkMelbourne is one of the world’s most liveable cities for good reason. So this April why not get active and be a tourist for the day? You can start by making your way into the city and finding the closest Melbourne Bike Share station. Here you can rent a bike and see the city from a whole new perspective! The first 30 minutes are free, and there are 50 docking stations all over the city.

While cycling around, why not take the opportunity to stop and explore some of Melbourne’s greatest (and cheapest) attractions? We’re thinking Federation Square, the National Gallery of Victoria and the State Library of Victoria. How about you use your 2 for 1 ticket offer at SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium? To top off your day, take a stroll along the Yarra or explore the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Explore the great outdoors

Did you know that Victoria has over 36 national parks? 36?! In total they cover over two and a half million hectares of land. So if the city isn’t your cup of tea, why not make your way into the great outdoors? Getting active outside is not only a great way to recharge your batteries but can also be a fun day out with friends and family. We guarantee there is something for everyone. For more information check out the Visit Victoria website.

Get active at the YMCA
YMCA Woman Swimming

Did you know that simply by registering for Active April, you have access to 10 free YMCA passes? Getting active at the Y is both an enjoyable and easy way to make physical activity a part of everyday life. With 51 YMCA-managed centres participating, you’re bound to find one close to you. For more info, give your closest centre a call and book a tour.

Budget friendly incidental exercise tips for here, there and everywhere!

Active at work

  • Use your commute to work to get active by getting off a couple of stops earlier than usual and walking the rest of the way. If you drive, park the car a little further from the office than usual.
  • Do you take the lift or escalator as a regular part of your day? If so, make the stairs your new best friend. Not only is there no equipment required, but taking the stairs helps to build healthy bones, muscles and joints.
  • Rather than having a a sit-down catch up with a colleague, suggest a walking meeting instead.

Active at home

  • YMCA mother and childAre the kids playing tag in the backyard? Don’t just watch, join the fun!
  • Why not grab a family member or housemate for a relaxing stroll before dinner?
  • If you enjoy watching TV, you can do a little physical activity during the commercial break. Dust off the exercise bike, treadmill or skipping rope. No equipment? No worries! A set of push-ups or sit-ups will also do the trick.

Active everywhere

  • When doing your grocery shopping, park the car a little further away than you usually do. For extra points, ditch the trolley and carry your groceries back to the car.
  • Catching up on a few phone calls? You can easily walk and talk. Your 30 minutes will be over before you know it!
  • Whether you’re going down to the corner shop to pick up the milk or going to a friend’s house, consider leaving the car at home and walking, cycling or jogging instead.

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