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Stewart Harper is working it for Active April

Stewart Harper, General Manager of Support Services at Latrobe Regional Hospital in Traralgon, is one of thousands of Victorians on the job, making time to get active thanks to Active April…

We asked him some questions on how it’s made a difference….

What is the main reason why you have registered and participated in Active April since 2016?

The main reason for registering?  To show the community that our organisation, Latrobe Regional Hospital, is leading from the front, setting an example and committed to the overall health and well-being of our local population. And it’s just a great program to be a part of!

Why should other Active April participants register their workplace and get their workmates more active?

Because it helps everyone, if individuals are healthier they are more productive, engaged and have a better outlook – not just in their work but toward their lives generally.

Why did you promote Active April in your workplace?

For the reasons above, the resources are fantastic and makes it simple to incorporate physical activity into the daily routine. There is also a competitive aspect to registering, to maintain our position as one of the highest participating workplaces in Victoria.

As a mover and shaker in your workplace, is Active April easy to implement?

During Active April the hospital’s staff teams challenged each other in games of tug-of-war, Pilates classes, attending local gym, mindfulness and walking to work.

What was the most popular activity for staff?

Yes I have support from all aspects of the organisation, from the Board Chair and Chief Executive to all the ‘shop floor’ staff. The most popular activities are the low impact ones where staff can just go in their lunch-break without having to get changed or shower after, before returning to the workplace. So mindfulness, Pilates and yoga were most popular. We are aiming to have some HIIT sessions and other high impact activities for 2019.

For Active April 2019, a new series of get active exercise videos will be available for participants to use at home or in the park. Do you think that your workmates will use these?

Definitely – great idea!

What are your top 3 tips for workplaces wanting to give Premier’s Active April a go?

Register, Register, Register – once you register for the program the resources are all there to use, it is very simple.

Not enough time to be active at work…. What is your motto when it comes to being more active at work?

Just get up and go – work will always be there, there will always be something else but you will never regret going for a walk and getting outside – it’s free and it’s the right choice.



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