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Serving up great health with the team from Tennis Victoria

As a sporting organisation, Tennis Victoria believe that a healthy lifestyle is important for all Victorians. Already a major partner with Premier’s Active April, they took their support one step further this year and decided to organise a workplace team.

Tennis Court GroupAn internal email urging staff to join Active April sparked much excitement around the office. Once a few people registered, word of mouth and friendly rivalry encouraged over two thirds of the workplace to join in and participate.

Activities have primarily been coordinated by one person but, as a relatively small, close knit office, everyone was asked if they wanted to run an activity or whether they already participated in something that others could join in.

Q&A with Tennis Victoria

1. What kind of activities did your Active April team participate in together?

Group WalkingTennis games after work or at lunchtime, lunch walks along the Yarra, a before work running group and attending yoga classes together.

2. What benefits have Active April participants noticed to their health and wellbeing?

Many of the staff live active lifestyles already but appear to have lifted their efforts during Active April. It has also encouraged a few of our less active staff to join lunchtime walks – people just enjoy being involved! Many staff come back from lunchtime activities appearing refreshed and recharged for their afternoon work after getting some fresh air and Vitamin D during their workout.

3. How has the workplace benefitted from participating in Active April?

It has created a great team atmosphere and a healthy rivalry amongst our staff. The camaraderie and rivalries though the office have helped to increase our positive and healthy office culture.

‘It has been really good to have a work team emphasis on being active as it all helps to build camaraderie and unity within the workplace and also get people out and about gaining the benefits of exercise.’

– Pat Nicholls, Coach and Talent Development Assistant, Tennis Australia

4. What would you say to workplaces who’d been thinking about creating a team?

Do it! It is very little effort on your behalf, and is great to see the camaraderie, rivalry and healthy activities adding to a positive workplace culture.

Tennis Court Action

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It’s clear that staying active has great impacts on health and wellbeing, as well as enjoyment and productivity at work. We’d love to hear how your workplace puts health first, so please email us your story. You can also share your tips and photos via Twitter and Facebook!

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