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Tennis, at its all time best!

The recent success of Victorian Paralympic Athlete Dylan Allcott has further highlighted tennis as a sport leading the way in providing opportunities for anyone and everyone to enjoy and have a go. A concept the Get Into Cardio Tennis program has been devoted to over the last two years.

Active April All Abilities TennisBack in June 2016 Get Into Cardio Tennis first launched a couple of pilot sessions with Maccabi Victoria All Abilities in partnership with Jewish Care for some of their members in Caulfield. This was the first time the program had been exposed to people with disabilities and importantly in a non-traditional indoor space. The success of these pilot sessions has developed into regular weekly sessions on a Wednesday evening for this exercise group.

The game-based nature of the program means that participants are able to get involved in the activities in a way that suited their level of ability, and everyone continues to enjoy the fun, social workout.

Shari Cohen, All Abilities Inclusion Coordinator at Maccabi Victoria said, ‘It’s great to be able to offer our members a variety of activities and this one is certainly a lot of fun.’

The success of these sessions with Maccabi Victoria All Abilities and Jewish Care has strengthened the desire to expand the footprint of Get Into Cardio Tennis and enhance the opportunities for people of all abilities to play. ‘We have seen how well the program can adapt to different spaces – indoors and outdoors and we really want to be able to give others a chance to see how adaptable the program can be,’ said Get Into Cardio Tennis Program Coordinator, James Robortella.

The expansion of the Get Into Cardio Tennis program is something that aligns well with Tennis Victoria’s Strategic Plan said Participation and Projects Officer Danielle Lowerson, ‘Get Into Cardio Tennis is a perfect example of how tennis can be a sport for everyone, for life.’ Tennis Victoria as part of their Strategic Plan to 2020 has vowed to continue to promote tennis as the ideal sport of all abilities while enhancing access for all abilities.

Don’t forget that every participant who registers for Active April also receives one FREE Get into Cardio Tennis session. To book your session, simply head to the Get into Cardio Tennis website and choose the free introductory class option when booking ensuring that you select Premiers Active April as your referral type.

Those interested in getting some more information about how the program can cater for them or any groups are encouraged to get in touch with the team at Get Into Cardio Tennis and Tennis Victoria either via email at or contact (03) 8420 8420.

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