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Premiers Active April

The end is just the beginning

April may be coming to a close, but that means the real initiative has only just begun.

If there’s one thing we hope you’ve gotten out of Premier’s Active April this year it’s healthier habits for the future. If you’re looking for some inspiration or ideas to keep you living active and healthy all year round, it’s worth checking out our resources page for starters.

The Achievement Program

Acheivement Program_1024x681pxThe Achievement Program is a great way to help your workplace or school build on the great efforts made in committing to a healthy lifestyle.

The initiative is based on the World Health Organisation’s health models and follows international best practice. It provides workplaces and schools with a framework to improve health and wellbeing by making long-term changes to culture and policies.

The bottom line is that the places where people live, work, learn and play can have a huge impact on their lives.

Healthy employees = healthy workplaces = healthy business performance

Workplace health and wellbeing initiatives provide a good return on investment for workplaces, reducing the costs of ill-health to businesses caused by staff absence or turnover. Investing in good health is proven to improve workplace culture, employee engagement, creativity and innovation.

Healthy children learn betterAchievement Program_1024x68px

For schools the Achievement Program aligns closely with planning and self-evaluation processes of the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes. The actions you put in place through the Achievement Program can be integrated in your strategic and annual plans to improve student engagement, performance, health and wellbeing.

You can register today to gain access to your Achievement Program portal. It’s completely free and gives you access to a breadth of resources and ongoing support from health professionals.

The Achievement Program team can also be contacted via phone 1300 721 682 or email at

Stay motivated

Remember you can always find ways to keep active this year by checking what’s on in your local area through the events calendar. Keep up the good work!

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