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Top three active tips from a busy mum

As a very busy mum of two and a practicing Occupational Therapist, Mardi Dangerfield knows, like all of us, that finding time to stay active can often be our last priority.

Committing to regular activity can feel impossible, especially with that ever growing ‘to do’ list, yet exercise is so important not only for the physical health benefits, but also our mental health.

Mardi has signed on as a Premier’s Active April Ambassador for a second year and has shared with us her top three tips for sneaking more activity into your busy schedule.


  1. Do what you can – make exercise part of what you are already doing. Think of exercises you can do at home in the midst of a busy day. Better yet, think of the exercise that you already do like cleaning up after tiny humans, and try to throw in a few squats or extra steps that help keep the heart rate up? When we have young kids, there are so many easy ways to make sure that we are boosting our activity everyday. Walk to the park instead of driving, play hide and seek for 15 minutes or get the kids involved in a bit of living-room yoga. Most importantly though, don’t compare yourself to anyone else – do what YOU can and enjoy yourself.
  2. Mix it up – try new activities. So many people get bored with their routine or drive themselves into a rut, that can often result in stopping all together. This Premier’s Active April, you can gain access to more fitness freebies and activity deals than ever before, so why not try a new activity each week? Click here to check out all of the deals on offer.
  3. Get involved in team sport – I love getting out and playing with the women at Geelong Amateurs Football Club. It’s the perfect way to combine fun and fitness. I find that having a team around keeps me motivated. But also, as a parent it can sometimes be difficult to get out and about with friends. Attending team training (even if you can’t make every session) is the perfect way to feel more connected socially on a regular basis.

If Mardi’s tips are inspiration enough, why not try some of our workout videos at home, or sneak in a free trial of cardio tennis? We can all find little ways to stay more active and every little bit helps. Be sure to log all of your activity in your tracker this April.

Last updated: March 6, 2020 at: 3:55 pm

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