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Top tips for getting ‘on ya bike’

While riding to work has many health, time and environmental benefits, there are a few obstacles that stand in the way of many of us jumping on our bikes to work or school. To make it easier for you to get cruising on two wheels, here are a few handy tips to make your morning commute a breeze.

  1. Map out your route in advance: One of the biggest obstacles can be familiarising yourself with best roads and bike lanes that will get you to your destination. Why not do a trial run on the weekend?
  2. Pack a compact microfiber-quick drying towel: These small quick-drying towels are a great substitute for a big towel that will stay wet all day and start to smell. These towels mean that you are able to have a shower and freshen up before work or school, without having to lug home a smelly, damp, heavy towel.
  3. Pack the night before: Leaving at the right time is critical to any morning commute, especially when you have a number of things to remember to pack. Take the pressure off in the morning by taking the time the night before to pack all of your essentials for the next day. It’s also a handy way of making sure there are no embarrassing moments with forgotten items…
  4. Light it up: With the change of the clocks just around the corner, some of your commutes might be darker than others (especially on the way home). Make sure you invest in a flashing front and rear light so you can cruise those bike lanes like a boss.
  5. Leave some clothes at work: Where possible, it can be handy to leave a few key items in the office or in your locker. That way on those critical days, you don’t need to stress about any creases or spills!

This year, Premier’s Active April encourages more people to ride their bike into work and school. It’s an easy way to exceed your 30 minutes of physical activity a day goal, while also enabling you to go about your normal day and get to work or school. So, stop admiring those bike riders from your car and join them! With these handy tips why not jump on your bike.

Last updated: March 11, 2020 at: 1:19 pm

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