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Top Tips to Get You TRIactive

Life is busy, but there are plenty of ways to build physical activity into our lives and being more active is easier than you think.

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TRIactive is a twice weekly, group-exercise program for beginner triathletes that runs for 6 weeks and is designed for people who want to increase their levels of exercise through swim, bike and run.

Triathlon is a sport that anyone can take part in and the aim of TRIactive is to encourage you to participate in a safe, friendly and inclusive environment with like-minded people.

TRIactive has been developed for adults who would like to be a bit more active and take on the new challenge of triathlon, but don’t really know how to get started. The program is designed to develop old and new skills whilst building your confidence as you work towards completing your first triathlon. So, start by incorporating some activity into your daily routine and then follow our tips and you’ll be TRIactive in no time!

Top Tips to Get You TRIactive

1. Enlist some support – Sharing is more fun so ask a friend, a partner or a work colleague to sign up to the program to help boost your confidence and make it a more social experience. Exercise, feel good and catch up with friends all at once!

2. Kit concerns? – There is no need to worry about having a fancy kit during the TRIactive program as the sessions are held in swimming pools and on spin bikes. Your essentials are bathers and goggles for the swim and then comfortable trainers and regular exercise clothing for the spin/run session. No lycra required!

3. Pace yourself – If it’s been a while since you exercised regularly, don’t worry! Your TRIactive coach will gauge how the group are going from the first session and ensure that participants get the most out of each session by making them challenging, but achievable.

4. Speak to your coach – As the program unfolds you will notice your confidence in the pool increasing and your pace on the spin bike improving too. However, if you feel you aren’t progressing, don’t bottle it up! Discuss any issues with your coach and group members as the spirit of TRIactive is creating an environment that is challenging, but safe, inclusive, fun and rewarding too…so don’t be shy.

5. Set achievable goals – Whether it’s swimming one more length of the pool or pedaling the spin bike in a higher than previous gear, small and achievable goals will help you progress, feel rewarded and have fun!

6. Enjoy yourself! – Perhaps the most important thing of all during the TRIactive program is that you enjoy yourself and have fun! You may find some sessions harder than others – even a bad nights sleep can cause that – but taking small steps and having fun is all you need to do and that’s a guarantee with TRIactive.

Unleash your inner beginner and get TRIactive today!

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