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Turn 30 days into 30 minutes a day

You’ve done 30 days of Active April – why not keep your good work going?

Just 30 minutes of vigorous activity a day will not only have you feeling good, but reduce your risk of cancer, including bowel and breast. Vigorous activity makes you ‘huff and puff’, and will have you at 70-85% of your maximum heart rate. For example, football, netball, circuit training, jogging and rowing.

You can also aim for one hour of moderate activity, which causes a slight (but noticeable) increase in breathing and heart rate. You might take a brisk walk, a medium-paced swim, ride your bike or even mow the lawn!

Why not incorporate your exercise time into your day by getting your organisation on board? You could start a lunchtime walking group, yoga class or find a challenge like Ride2Work Day.

Ride2Work encourages everyday Aussies to jump on the bike and get active on their way to work on Wednesday 16 October 2019. Even if you have never ridden to work before, give it a go. Register now via the Bicycle Network website.

Sanjay, a working father of two, shows us how to fit physical activity into his busy life

“For the last eight or nine years, my life had centered around work and family commitments with little focus on my health,” Sanjay says. “Long meetings, computer-based work and busy home life were really affecting my weight and energy levels.”

Although Sanjay had tried to set some healthy goals in the past, for whatever reason, they just didn’t seem to take. In 2018, he committed to one more try, taking advantage of the free Life! program to support him to achieve his goals.

With the support of the Life! program, Sanjay rethought how he could incorporate physical activity into his life without affecting his work and family time. He made every spare moment count!

“I started walking or jogging in my morning and afternoon tea breaks. In my lunch breaks, I played ping pong with workmates and then went for a half hour walk. After dinner, my walking buddy (my daughter!) and I would go for a brisk 30-minute walk. I would also take my daughter to her sporting activities and while waiting, I’d use this time to get active and started jogging.”

Visit the website to find out more about Life! Program or call 13 74 75.

The free Achievement Program can help you get started by connecting your workplace with tools, resources and support for your initiatives. Plus, you can also gain Victorian Government Recognition as a healthy place to acknowledge all the good work you’re doing to support physical activity.

For more information to get you started, visit the Achievement Program website.

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