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Victorian Duathlon

The annual Victorian Duathlon Series is a four-part duathlon series run throughout Victoria in the spring.

Each race is held by a different Triathlon Victoria affiliated club, with the series travelling across metro Melbourne and greater Victoria.

With a strong focus on an inclusive, fun, accessible and family-friendly environment, the Victorian Duathlon Series is something the entire family can get involved in.

Ready to give a duathlon a go? We’ve got five top tips to get you to the starting line!

It’s all about the running and riding.

Duathlons break away from traditional triathlons, swapping out the swim for a run-bike-run format. Our tip to train for a duathlon? Start by incorporating some running and riding into your daily routine and before you know it, you’ll be duathlon ready!

You don’t need lots of flashy gear!

It’s all about being comfortable out on the course. You’ll certainly need a supportive pair of runners and some comfortable clothes as well as a roadworthy bike and helmet, but that’s all. No specialised equipment required!

Duathlons are a great starting point for everyone, including beginners!

All you need to prepare for your duathlon is a bike, some runners and a good bit of bike or running path to brush up on your skills and endurance. The Victorian Duathlon Series also offers multiclass racing and kids racing alongside the traditional open racing, making it something the whole family can get involved in!

You won’t be the only first-timer! 

There will be plenty of people participating in their first duathlon too, so you won’t be alone. There’s a range of distances to suit all participants, so we’re sure you’ll be able to find one that suits your ability but still provides you with a good challenge!

Best of all, you’ll be supported by the whole community! 

The Victorian Duathlon Series prides itself on being a community centred event with a fun, welcoming and family friendly atmosphere. With clubs coming from all over Victoria to get involved, it can also be a great way to meet new people and get to know that triathlon club you’ve been thinking about joining.

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