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There’s no denying that most of us need to move more, with an Australian Bureau of Statistics survey[1] revealing that all generations need help to reach the recommended level of daily activity.

And as many as 57 per cent [2]  of adults are at risk of chronic health problems due to their lack of physical activity.

Turning that around and improving physical and mental health is relatively easy, with just 30 minutes a day of physical activity.

Premier’s Active April can assist in changing the numbers and help people be more active in their daily lives. With a focus on breaking down the real and perceived barriers Victorians experience in gaining regular exercise, the annual campaign promotes a diverse range of inclusive offers, emphasising that moving more is different for everybody.

Did you know that twice as many women than men put off getting active because they’re worried about what other people think[3]?

Additional research commissioned by VicHealth has shown that the top three barriers to exercise for females all have their roots in a fear of judgement – 52% of women worry about being judged while exercising2 41% are too embarrassed or intimidated to exercise in public[4]. Appearance and ability are big concerns, but priorities are also a factor – women are less likely to put themselves first and fear being judged for doing so.

Acknowledging barriers is important, but breaking through them, even more so. And so, Premier’s Active April is all about offering practical solutions – for everyone. This year there are so many free offers and ideas so that anybody, of any age, can find something that inspires them. Free videos for working out at home, activities to do with the kids, healthy recipes, and free offers to try a new sport or class are just some of what you’ll find on the website. There’s everything to gain in registering and giving it a go.

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