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From Monday to Friday children spend the majority of each day at school, which is why we’ve developed the following resources.

They’re designed to assist teachers and parents in their vital role of enabling children to participate in Premier’s Active April and encourage an active lifestyle.

How can you incorporate Premier’s Active April into your classroom? Here are some ideas to help.

In the lead up to the end of school term 1, dedicate time in your classroom for the students to:

  • Explore what physical activity is, why it is important, Australian participation trends, and ways to fit more physical activity into a day, and
  • Get the students to register for Premier’s Active April and discuss different ways to record activity via the activity tracker over the school holidays.

Tip: Have a look at the Ausplay sport and physical activity participation data.

Ideas to fit 30 minutes of physical activity into a day:

  • View the all-new Get Active Workout videos in the mobile app or web app,
  • Use the all-new Activity Timer to make tracking your activity easier than ever before,
  • Ride, walk or skate to school,
  • Try a new activity on the weekend with a friend,
  • Visit skate ramps, basketball hoops or parks near school or home, and
  • Instead of using the TV remote, get up and change channels.

Tip: Discuss the 5 SunSmart steps to ensure fun, sun-safe play outdoors.

Over the school holidays, encourage the students to log their activity via the activity tracker.  When they return back to school, the students can write about how they were active during the school holidays, what factors encouraged them to be active, and how they see their experience fit into an ongoing personal fitness plan. They could even include the graphs from the activity tracker.

Tip: Ask the students to reflect on their participation in Premier’s Active April. How will they keep their Active April going?

Here are some helpful links to help you get started with planning lessons:

  • Visit Ausplay for participation data for the sports sector in Australia for October 2015 to September 2016
  • Visit Australia’s Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines which includes links to brochures, a summary fact sheet for each of the guidelines, tips and ideas for how to be physically active, as well as evidence review reports
  • Visit the SunSmart website for a range of resources and information to encourage a healthy UV exposure balance
  • Visit the H30 Challenge for information on why drinking more water makes you feel better
  • Visit the Achievement Program website to register and access resources to support your school to create a whole school approach to physical activity and other health areas. Ideas to get your students moving!

Try these suggestions to help students achieve 30 minutes of daily physical activity:

  • • Encourage students to walk, run, play tag, downball or other similar activities before school and arrange sporting equipment to be available at this time.
  • • Encourage the school to award sport house points for registration to Active April, or for each day they achieve 30 minutes of activity.
  • • Remind students before recess and lunch about the importance of being active. Ask them afterwards what they did, making this a regular “activity message.”
  • • Create a school activity chart and hang it up on your classroom wall to encourage students to log their physical activity every day for the month of April.
  • • Use a pedometer to track movement and inspire students to increase their activity level.
  • • Devise some in-class energisers, which can be done by their desks, such as stretches.
  • • Nominate student ambassadors to organise lunchtime or before school activities, like jogging or netball.
  • • Develop internal competitions between year levels and/or classes.
  • • Encourage students to ride or walk to school by organising a “walking school bus.”
  • • Ask your students to track their physical activity over the school holidays to collect a prize on return.
  • • Develop goals and exercises for school holidays to incorporate while school is on break.
  • • During the month of April, reward students with Active April trophies or prizes, such as lucky dips.
  • • Form teams in year level and at the end of each week print out a ladder to see how everyone is faring against their peers.
  • • For the month of April, begin every PE class with a 15-minute continuous run and record activity at the end of the lesson.
  • • Register the entire class as a team under one username to encourage students to log their activity in the Activity Tracker. They can also keep track of their teammates progress to build motivation.
  • • Encourage friendly competition, with students challenging each other to do the most of the daily nominated physical activity, like star jumps.

Teacher Tips Resource includes:

  • Evidence about the importance of physical activity in schools
  • Details on how to register as a teacher and how to register your students
  • How to create a team
  • How to promote Active April
  • The benefits of registering
  • Awesome prizes your school can win

Download Teacher Tips (PDF, 926KB, 2pp) for ideas on how to get students and parents active this April.

ACHPER Schools Resource:

Everything you need to know about implementing Active April in your school including activities for all primary school aged children and worksheets for classroom participation.

Download ACHPER School Resource Booklet (PDF, 5.2MB, 45pp)

Information for Parents:

  • An overview explaining what Active April is all about
  • Handy tips and activity ideas to do as a family
  • Information for parents about how to encourage their children to get more active

Download the Active April Information for Parents Flyer (PDF, 2MB 2pp) to help get your family moving.

The Plan Your Active April Family Planner:

We’ve come up with 30 fun, family activities to kick start your Active April. Print it out, put it on your fridge and start tracking your activity as a family. We’ve provided checkboxes for each family member to tick off what they’ve done to help you get fit and healthy this April.

Active April Family Planner (PDF, 214kB, 2pp)

The Premier’s Active April Consent Form

We’ve developed this form in a Word document. Teachers can download this form, add their Team name & ID and give the form to parents to assist with registration.

Active April Schools Consent Form (DOCX, 914 KB, 1p)

Team ID Poster

This poster encourages your school community to register for Active April and join your school team. Download it, add your Team ID and then print and display around the school or email it around your school community.

Download Active April School Team ID Poster (PDF, 8.2MB, 1p)

School Promotional Pack

We’ve created this School Promotional Pack to help you promote Active April at your school and with your students. The Promotional Pack includes:

  • Schools General Copy
  • Information for Parents Resource
  • Teacher Tips
  • School Poster (A3)
  • Team ID Poster
  • Banner Ad (MREC – 300x250px)
  • Banner Ad (Leaderboard – 728x90px)
  • Logos (colour and mono)
  • Email Signature
  • Facebook Profile Pic
  • Images x 9 (branded)
  • ACHPER Schools Resource
  • Family Planner

Download the Schools Promotional Pack to help get your school community on board (ZIP, 26.2MB)


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