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Teams Plus Challenge 1

Win two free games of Tenpin Bowling for you and your friends!

We want to encourage as many Victorians to enjoy the benefits of increased physical activity. Creating a team is a great way to get involved and keep yourself and your friends accountable to reach your goals.

You remember how much fun bowling was when you were a kid! Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity from Tenpin Bowling Victoria to relive the excitement of a couple of free games with your friends.

How do I enter?

  1. Register for Premier’s Active April.
  2. Log in and go to the Teams page.
  3. Create a team and invite your friends to join using your unique Team ID.


  1. Log in and go to the Profile page.
  2. Fill in the short form under Register Account Members and add them to your teams.

That’s it! You’re automatically helping your team win. Remember, the more people in your teams, the higher your chance of winning.

Active April Tenpin BowlingWhat are the rules?

For each new team member that is added to your team between Thursday March 30 and Wednesday April 5 a ticket will go into the draw to win two free Tenpin Bowling Games at a participating centre for up to 12 people including free shoe hire with the Teams Plus Challenge #1!

Terms and Conditions apply to all offers and prizes.

What else can I win?

Don’t forget that just by registering every participant has access to exclusive Special Offers with their personalised Active April Card that you can enjoy with your friends including the chance to win:

  • tickets to the 2018 Australian Tennis Open Finals^
  • a $1,500 bike voucher or,
  • a GoPro camera.

Where do I start?

First up, Register yourself and your friends for Active April. Then you can visit the Promoting Active April page for helpful downloads to get your friends involved or visit the FAQs page for any questions you might have. If you still need help, please Contact Us.

Active April Tenpin Bowling

Last updated: March 30, 2017 at: 10:33 am


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