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Premier’s Active April gives Early Learning Centres the chance to encourage kids to remain active at home during April!

In this section, you can learn How to Register for Active April as both a student or teacher, as well as how to create Early Learning Centre Teams. Please Contact Us if you have further questions.

  • How to Register
  • Virtual Teams
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How to Register

Registration for children and educators is easy. Once registered you can then create teams –  either for individual classes or one team for your whole Early Learning Centre.

Team members will be able to view each other’s progress when users log in.


  1. Complete the short Registration form, remembering to
    • select ‘Teacher’ or ‘Teacher & Parent’ in the ‘My user type is?’ question
    • select your Early Learning Centre from the dropdown menu to automatically enter your early learning centre into competitions
  2. Check your inbox for the verification email.
  3. Set up your Team(s) – see instructions in the Early Learning Centre virtual teams


Parents are encouraged to register their children and then join the Early Learning Centre’s team that’s been created by the educator. Alternatively, the educator can register children on the parent or guardian’s behalf.

Students registered by a parent (under 12 years old)

Children under 12 are not required to enter an email address. The parent or guardian should follow these steps.

  1. If you haven’t already registered yourself, complete the short Registration form remembering to select ‘Parent’ in the ‘My user type is?’ question
  2. Click ‘Register’ to complete your registration
  3. Click ‘Register Family and Friends’ on the next screen, and add up to 50 account members
  4. Check your inbox for the verification email
  5. Log in and you can view the relevant child’s account from the ‘Logged in as’ dropdown menu. You’ll now be viewing the app as though you are logged in as this user.
  6. Visit the virtual Teams page to join your child’s early learning centre’s team using the relevant Team ID.

Children registered by an educator

While we recommend children be registered separately, in some cases it’s necessary for the teacher to register children into their account.

  1. Download and send parents/guardians the Premier’s Active April Consent Form.
  2. Once you have parent/guardian consent, download the bulk upload spreadsheet
  3. Follow the examples in the spreadsheet to add in each student’s information – you can add up to 50 students
  4. Save the spreadsheet to your computer – it will save automatically in the correct file format, which is a Comma Separated Values (.csv) file
  5. Send the file to
  6. Active April will take care of the rest! We’ll register each student for you – they’ll be displayed as sub-users within your account.
  7. Share each student’s username and password with them so they can log in at home

Get started and register here today!

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