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School Teams

School teams are a great way to get everyone involved to try and achieve 30 minutes of activity every day this April.

Check out the School Resources page for some great suggestions on activities you can do as a group.

Creating a team

Teachers can create a team for their individual class or their whole school.

You can do this from:

  • the ‘Team’ prompts at the end of registration, or
  • the Teams page once you Log In.

Follow these simple steps

  1. Enter your school or class team name
  2. Select ‘School Team’ from the Team Type dropdown menu.
  3. Click ‘Create Team’.
  4. This will generate a unique Team ID for your school or class
  5. Invite people to join your team, or tell them the Team ID and they can request to join.

Please note: You can only create a maximum of 5 teams and join a total of 10 teams.

Inviting students to join a team

If the teacher knows the student’s email address or Active April username, they can invite the student to join their team.

  1. Log In and go to the Teams page.
  2. Under ‘Manage your Teams’ click ‘edit’ next to the relevant team name.
  3. Under ‘Invite a friend to join your team’, enter the student’s Active April username (if known) or email address.
  4. The student will be notified (via email if over 12 years old or via the Notifications page of the mobile or web app if under 12).
  5. When the student accepts the invitation, they’ll be added to the team.

Requesting to join a team

Alternatively, students can request to join the team by following the steps below.

  1. The teacher tells students the Team ID – Download Active April School Team ID Poster if required.
  2. Student logs in and goes to the Teams page.
  3. Under ‘Request to join a team,’ student enters the Team ID and clicks ‘Send Request.’

A notification will be emailed to the teacher who created the team. When the teacher accepts the request, the student will see the team details when they next log in.

All team members will be able to view the team’s activity log and total time tracked in the Tracker page once they’ve logged in.



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