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Premier’s Active April is a great way to increase the level of physical activity in your workplace.

Once you Register for Active April you can create teams and invite workmates to join.

How do I start a workplace team?

You can start your workplace team in one of two ways:

  • from the Team prompts at the end of registration, or
  • from the Teams page once you Log In.

Ensure that you select ‘Workplace Team’ for your ‘Team Type.’

How do workmates join the team?

When you start a workplace team you’ll be given a Team ID. You can send a group email around the office with this ID so that your colleagues can request to join your team.

Alternatively, once you Log In you can invite workmates to join your team by using their email address or Active April usernames.

We’ve also created an Active April Workplace Team ID Poster (PDF, 4MB, 1p) that you can share. Download the poster, add your Team ID and either print and display in your workplace, or email it around to your workmates.

What comes next?

Once you have your workmates on board you can organise group activities and encourage one another to reach the goal of 30 minutes of physical activity a day during April. Plus, you can use the Activity Tracker in the mobile or web app to log your daily activity and track your team’s progress throughout the month.

Head to the Workplace Resources page to help promote Active April in your workplace today.

Last updated: January 19, 2018 at: 2:14 pm


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Be a healthy role model for your children. In their eyes you're a super hero, try to set a good example by being physically active, healthy eating and living a balanced lifestyle.

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